The Hope Project

Campamento Roblealto - Costa Rica

The Hope Project is a special program through Campamento Roblealto, created to offer a Christian camping experience to children living in extreme poverty and high – risk social conditions in Costa Rica. For these kids, obtaining the money for bus fare, clothes, and even food is generally a luxury. The communities these children come from have high rates of violence, crime, drug-use, and sexual abuse. Time at camp offers a light of hope, the message of Christ’s love and models of integrity through our trained team of leaders. 

Do you remember your first experience at camp? As a child, the wonder, excitement, fun, and relationships made at camp are in a word - otherworldly! For the children of the Hope Project, a program at Campamento Roblealto, in the mountains of Costa Rica, is a life-changing experience. Above all, we seek to provide hope through this program, as well as give these children a glimpse of how Christ sees them. Will you join us?


Above all, Camp Roblealto and our donors that generously sponsor this project seek to offer a radiance of hope through the program, while the children and teenagers are given an idea of how Christ views them...Would you like to join us in this effort of hope??

To view a video for the Hope Project Initiative, please click on the link here:  




To Support this special project, you can donate with a credit or debit card at the link below. All other forms of donation, please contact Adam Carlsen at or calling from the U.S. (503) 470 - 7145. You can also contact Camp Roblealto Executive Director Arthur Denyer at All donations from the U.S. through our partner ministry Gracia Missions are tax-deductible under IRS 501(c)(3) regulations.